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Commercial Partnerships

This pathway aims to cover how to maximize strategic partner alliances.  Four modules cover the identification of partner solutions, developing partner materials, distributor programmes, and the potential impact of financial dilution through partner programmes.

Commercial Skills

This pathway aims to develop modern commercial skills that prioritise customer values.  There are four modules that cover negotiation skills, customer decision making, achieving win-win in negotations and the financial impact of commoditised concessions.

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Financial Outcomes

This pathway aims to help you evaluate potential customers from a financial perspective and identify the impact of contract variations on the financial outcomes. There are five modules that cover the evaluation of potential customer segments, how to sell financial benefits to the customer, understanding how negotiations impact margins and working capital, and working with credit control to manage accounts effectively.

Managing and Developing Key Accounts

This pathway aims to help you develop a key account approach within your organisation.  There are five modules that cover how to research your customer's business online, defining the potential value of the account, identifying the structure (buyers) within the account, and how to build enduring relationships.

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Market Approach and Customer Experience

This pathway aims to help you develop modern marketing methods that complement broader commercial activity.  There are seven modules that cover customer relationship management, market research, messaging and stories, campaign planning, digital marketing, and demonstrating ROI.

Tactical Skills Development

This pathway aims to cover a variety of tactical skills that will complement go-to-market activity.   There are a number of modules in various formats that cover topics such as launching a new website, telemarketing, lead magnets, target list development.

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Processes and Governance

This pathway aims to cover sales and marketing processes and governance best practice mapped against a customer buying cycle.  There are four modules that cover sales processes, opportunity development, marketing/sales alignment and demonstrating outcomes.

Marketing and Sales Leadership

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New Hire Programme (Bespoke)

This pathway aims to help you to create tailored content for your sales or marketing new hire for delivery on your website, at interview, at the offer, in the two weeks before the start date, when they enter the building on their first day, and for five days of non-consecutive structured modules.