New Hire Programme (Bespoke)

We help you to create tailored content for your sales or marketing new hire for delivery on your website, at interview, at the offer, in the two weeks before the start date, on their first day, and for five days of non-consecutive structured modules.


  • Hire the best recruits

  • Enable them to deliver in the shortest possible timeframe

  • Motivate them to live the organisation’s brand and values

  • Educate them to sell/support the sales of a broad capability portfolio

  • Deliver materials and resources that support the above


The induction content will include interactive activity, informal presentations, networking, supporting materials and measurement of outcomes through participant assessment and feedback.  The questions we aim to answer through the induction programme include:

  • From introduction to opportunity: Where I can add the most value in my role?

  • Pricing or value differentiators: Why would a customer buy from us?

  • Concept to delivery: What next for the customer?

As well as building engagement with your brand, tone of voice and recent client activity, we can build out a programme of training with relevant modules for your organisation.