About Us

Blue is an ecosystem that enables sales and marketing professionals working in the ocean economy to grow and collaborate.  We are made up of a community that is curious, eager to grow and share with one another. Some are here to level up their skills, and others to network but most are here to do both. This is a safe place where dialogue, ideas, and support are strongly encouraged.


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are formidable challenges to aligning the sales and marketing funnel and finding new ways to reach our audience. This is being acutely felt in those industries where a large percentage of marketing spend, and sales lead development was carried out at trade shows and conferences.  At the same time, there are ongoing shifts in customer buying behaviours.  More time, care and attention need to be given to the customer: what they need, why they need it and how they want to learn about possible solutions.


Our ambition is to help business development, sales and marketing professionals within the ocean economy, to progress, develop, raise the benchmark, and create a sustainable future for our industries.

We believe that healthy disruption within the ocean economy will only result from putting people at the forefront of successful economic outcomes.  Our industry must remain mindful of our environmental and societal impact and take positive action wherever possible.

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